Teaching Philosophy

Dance creates a sense of community. Regardless of gender, religion, ethnicity, or movement background, dance can be a creative and expressive outlet. Dance builds self confidence, fosters artistic expression, and conveys a sense of belonging It is open and available to EVERYONE, and most importantly it should be FUN=)


Using games, activities, and movement phrases I get young movers to explore the range of their bodies and creativity in a group setting. 

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Elementary and Middle School

High School and above

Dance creates community and promotes individual expression through movement exploration. Not only does dance create community, but it also has the potential to nurture and develop one’s sense of self. Self-expression and each individual’s point of view is honored and valued. Students are encouraged to find their own movement style by drawing upon their own experiences and ideas. Dance builds self confidence, fosters artistic expression, and conveys a sense of belonging. It is open and available to EVERYONE. 

*workshop at the Center for Educational Partnership in Riverdale Park, MD

*workshop at the University of Maryland College Park through Delta Chi Xi Honorary Dance Fraternity Inc. Gamma Chapter

*For more information on workshops, private lessons, etc. please contact me at JonathanHsu92@gmail.com

*workshops at Charter City Public School, grades 9-12


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