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For me dance is about community. A strong community promotes creativity, innovation, and risk taking which propels dance forward as an art form. Art evolves when it comes into contact with the unknown. Artists should never stop growing and learning, and as a result my movement is always changing. The best way to evolve as an artist is through fusion and collaboration, and that can only be achieved by being honest, open, and vulnerable.

A graduate from the University of Maryland College Park, I have a BA in Dance and BS in Kinesiology. I am currently a company member of Orange Grove Dance, and have had the opportunity to dance with Rennie Harris Puremovement, PEARSONWIDRIG DANCETHEATER, Project Charma, Treehouse, Culture Shock DC, and VF Dance Theater in the past. With these companies I have had the opportunity to perform extensively both nationally and internationally in Russia, Cuba, Germany, the Kennedy Center Terrace Theatre, Florida, New York, San Diego, as well as many local venues throughout Maryland, DC, and Virginia. I also love teaching and have extensive experience working with children ranging from 2nd grade all the way to adults where I draw on my background in both street/club forms and modern to create a unique curriculum and pedagogy.

I have a passion for exploring how digital media and dance can intersect, which has led me to dance photography, videography, and projection design. To see my work in digital media visit

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